Hi. I’m Deland Cochran. I relace and repair used baseball and softball gloves. Back in the 80’s, I worked in a sporting goods store. From time to time, someone would come in with their ball glove and ask if I could fix it. We sold those relacing kits that have a thin piece of lacing and a useless tool - maybe you’ve tried one. As I fixed more gloves, I began looking for better quality lacing and better tools to use.

Over the years, I would relace my own gloves, my son’s, or someone on my son’s baseball team. The more gloves I fixed, the better I got at it. Now, a lot of years and hundreds of gloves later, I still enjoy helping people keep their favorite glove on the field. I would love to help you with your glove. Please contact me and we can get started.


Here are some videos of me explaining some of the work I’ve been able to do. For more examples check out my “before & after” page here on the site.

See more "before and after" examples


“Thank you for refurbishing my Dad’s old glove. I know I will use it for many years and hope to hand it down to my son. It looks great”.

Dan | Ohio

“What a great job you've done! Looks as good as any factory glove hanging in a store, maybe better. I will happily recommend your services”.

Josh | Oklahoma

“The glove arrived on Monday. I used it that night and I loved it. You did a great job on rebuilding my baby. I appreciate the great and quick job that you did for me.”

David | California

“I am really happy with how the glove turned out. I didn’t think it could come back to life so well, but the new lacing and conditioner that you put on it really make it like new. It is a great glove and now I can use it again. I can’t seem to take it off my hand or stop throwing the ball into it.”

Phil | Oregon
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